Male Alopecia: Guide to Successful Management

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  1. Female Alopecia: Guide to Successful Management 2013th Edition
  2. Hair Loss in Women Different than in Men, Now Assured Better Treatment
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See our disclaimer. Few dermatologic problems carry as many emotional overtones as hair loss in women, which is by far the most common hair problem encountered in daily clinical practice.

Male Pattern Baldness at the Crown can be Treated without a Risky Hair Transplant

Fortunately, a specific diagnosis can usually be established through a detailed patient history, examination of the scalp and pattern of hair loss, a simple pull test, dermoscopy of the scalp and hair trichoscopy , a few pertinent screening blood tests, and, in selected cases, a scalp biopsy. Once the diagnosis has been established, treatment appropriate to the diagnosis is likely to control the problem. The aim of this comprehensively illustrated monograph is to provide both specialists and primary care physicians with the practical know-how required for successful management of hair loss in female patients of all ages.

The book opens by critically examining myths about hair loss. The different examination techniques are then described, and the various forms of hair loss and their treatment are discussed in detail. Approaches to follow-up are outlined, and the management of patient expectations is carefully considered.

The potential role of hair care and cosmetics is also explored in some depth.

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Noncompliance is a major obstacle to the delivery of effective hair loss treatment. Patient compliance describes the degree to which a patient correctly follows medical advice and instruction. It most commonly refers to drug prescriptions, but it can also apply to the use of medical devices, self-care, or therapeutic sessions. Patient perception of the balance between the necessity for treatment and concerns over its use is a powerful predictor of adherence with treatment.

This perception of the risk—benefit ratio of treatment explains why compliance with therapy for long-term conditions can be particularly poor. Since both the patient and the health-care provider affect compliance, a positive physician—patient relationship and regular follow-up visits are the most important factor in determining the degree of patient compliance.

Female Alopecia: Guide to Successful Management 2013th Edition

In general, efforts to improve compliance have been aimed at simplifying medication packaging, providing effective medication reminders, improving patient education, including handouts, and limiting the number of medications prescribed simultaneously. Prescribing the minimum number of different medications, for example, combining active ingredients into a single compound. Simplifying dosage regimen by selecting different treatment or using a preparation that needs fewer doses during the day. Discussing possible side effects and whether it is important to continue medication regardless of those effects.

Accordingly, regular follow-up visits at 3, 6, and 12 months are recommended, later twice a year, typically in February and August, when due to seasonal variations of hair growth and shedding, telogen rates are the lowest and highest, respectively. An additional visit at 1 month is optional in regard to drug tolerance issues, especially in the elderly put on topical minoxidil.

Hair Loss in Women Different than in Men, Now Assured Better Treatment

The overall goal is to gain short-term compliance as a prerequisite to long-term adherence to treatment. Translate biomedical terms into terms the patient understands. Include feelings in the discussion : Ask the patient how she feels about her situation. Show the patient you care by expressing your feelings about her progress, problems, etc. Allow the patient to participate to the extent that she is willing. Guide the patient to set goals, establish steps she is willing to take, and identify barriers to self-care based on her own needs and values.

Support patient learning : Ask the patient what other sources she has consulted for information about her condition and help her make accurate sense of it. Provide or direct the patient to the information she is seeking. While compliance implies an involuntary act of submission to authority, the physician needs to influence patients to become and remain adherents of good self-care. Would you be willing to [ ]? My thoughts about the situation are [ ].

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Stress & Hair Loss

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