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  1. The Secrets of Joeschooling | Jennifer Fulwiler
  2. Teaching Secrets from Homeschooling Moms
  3. Why Do You Want to be a Successful Homeschool Mom?
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The Secrets of Joeschooling | Jennifer Fulwiler

According to Jonathan Horowitz, Ed. D, in his article The Benefits of Virtual Learning , several factors of distance learning work to create a learning environment that connects with students. Flexibility and Personalization: Virtual schools enable teachers to customize the education experience to meet the strengths and needs of each student. Expertise and Accountability: Connections Academy offers a rigorous curriculum that meets or exceeds state standards and prepares students for academic success.

Teaching Secrets from Homeschooling Moms

Socialization: Most students in a virtual school have outside social and athletic activities that keep them busy, but interacting with schoolmates also is an important part of the learning experience. Connections Academy provides many opportunities for students—and parents—to gather and communicate with one another. Connections Academy is a virtual school, but it is much more than just teachers, students, and parents connected through technology.

It is a real community committed to students reaching their full potential.

Why Do You Want to be a Successful Homeschool Mom?

Students often learn from home, but also from libraries, community centers, and occasionally from the road. I have zero patience for bureaucratic nonsense — I made Alaetheia do all her own form-filing when she wanted to head off to college years before I thought she would when she was Some folks like the accountability.

Some like having the free time to drop off the kidlets and go do something else. To each is own. We never wanted to give up the freedoms we had in homeschooling; for us, the price was too high. Toggle navigation.

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Begin Homeschooling Conference Graduation Events. These activities could all be extended very easily if you were so inclined.

Homeschool Highways - Scholarships Secrets

This would be a great activity to do with a group of kids. Along with son Jim, 10 years old, and husband Mike they plan to continue to home school Jim through high school.

Home schooling has been a curse because it is always on your mind and a joy because it is always on your mind even at the zoo and the museums which they love to go to as much as possible when other kids are sitting at their desks. Disclosure: The product s mentioned above were supplied free of charge by the above company in order to conduct an honest review. No other compensation was received for this review.

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