Heart Land: The Story of Fish

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  1. Tim McKee and The Fish Guys Take On The Heartland Space
  3. Exploring Heartland
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And paddlefish are fun to have around because they breach like whales, especially when a golf ball flies into the lake or a powerboat passes over their heads.

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Last March was harvest season at a lake on the Osage Catfisheries home farm in Osage. FSB tagged along while Kahrs and his sons harvested the paddlefish - now weighing in at 50 to 80 pounds each - with giant nets and biopsied them to determine their gender. The largest females were reserved for breeding, and the rest were killed for their caviar.

A typical female yields eight to nine pounds of roe. Last year the Kahrs family produced about pounds of L'Osage paddlefish caviar, up from 30 pounds in Osage has had to turn down business in recent months, including an order for four metric tons from a company in Japan.

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While Osage may not have enough caviar to keep up with demand right now, Jim Kahrs hopes to boost annual production to 1, pounds by and to several tons in subsequent years. Meanwhile, Kahrs is working with the Missouri Department of Agriculture and the University of Missouri at Columbia to extract paddlefish collagen for use in the cosmetics industry as well as medical applications such as cartilage and joint fluid replacement. And the intricately patterned, sharklike skin could be used for "leather" products.

So if the Caspian caviar ban is lifted and caviar connoisseurs go back to enjoying imported beluga, perhaps the market will be flooded with new paddlefish accessories. Paddlefish purse? Remember, you read it here first. Taste test: Domestic vs.

Fish and Aquaculture - America's Heartland: Episode 914

Caspian caviar. Did you take advanatge of an import ban or shortage to start a company? What savvy methods did you use to come up with an idea for your business? Let us know. To write a note to the editor about this article, click here.

Tim McKee and The Fish Guys Take On The Heartland Space

Turning bicycles into lounge chairs. Selling green beer to Mormons. Fastest-growing small companies. A CEO and rodeo queen. King of the mountain bike.


Current Issue. In a statement, BNSF said, "Based on our surveys we believe the water surface elevation in Percival is not affected by the railroad. To give you a sense of just how high and how fast this water has risen, if you stand along the main drag into town long enough you'll eventually see fish crossing the road. Because this is where I've grown up. Bohlan said the waters have been rising and receding since the initial flood.

Exploring Heartland

This is the sixth time it's in the station. We spoke with one woman Friday who was on her way out to the grocery store.

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They can't seem to get this flooding to stop. They think it's the railroad and all these houses down here are going to be ruined.

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We'll keep the building because this is my shop - a touch of home - to stay in the community. BNSF says they have added dozens of culverts in Percival that are providing more drainage than prior to the flooding. As the region recovers from flooding and we restore our railroad, we work to minimize our impact on the communities of Iowa.

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Welcome - Heartland Catfish

Weather Forecast. JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address Forum. Heartland Outdoors magazine is published every month. Bluegill 3 pounds, 8 ounces May 10, May thinks those replicas may still be collecting dust years from now. Heartland Outdoors, P.