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His bas basketball ketball basketball teams have won games and lost 96 in the ten years he coached them. But last year the first real criti criticism cism criticism appeared with the Bye Sam signs over campus. McAllister declared he had something better in mind. We hope so. He has had a lot of critics and deserves a break.

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But the point is that the athletic department under Woodruff is beginning to get a decided new look. The football setup is under complete new management. Now basketball will have new blood. We hope the change will instill in the hoopmen the spirit and difference it put into the football players.

'I'm not dead!': Woman wrongly named as murder victim ahead of high school reunion

We would particularly like to see a Florida team get past the first round in the SEC meet some year. Woodruff is showing the way from his end.

It is now the students turn to do something. The Gator urges all students to get behind the new coach. We had a picture of Woodruff bringing home the bacon from Vanderbilt. Were hoping the new cage coach can pose the same way, many times. How often we have heard those words from the mouths of students here at this University.

And they are true words. But they may not always be that way. Yesterday was Spring Election day. Some students must not have known this. At least some students didnt care. We assume this since there was only a scattered turnout, especially from the independent. This is not an indictment of the independents or a praise of the fraternity men.

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The fraternities are much more organized than the non fraternity students. The indictment is that the students here show a definite lack of interest in elections or student politics. Do students have to be organized in order to vote?

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We are the cream of the crop of our generation. If we have to be organized in order to vote, then political machines and their like will continue. Well, you are leading yourself right into the worst type of politics there is by your actions. If you want to complain about the type of men put into office in the elections, why not complain actively? Cast a vote as you would like.

Cheri Schumann wrongly named as murder victim ahead of high school reunion

If everybody would vote, then we could be sure that the majority opinion stands. And the minority can then honestly and earnestly show their gripes and prove their interest. Alumni Notes The largest crowd in Alumni Association history turned out for the annual spring meeting held last weekend on campus. More than 2, grads and former stu students dents students traveled to Gainesville from all parts of the state and alumni from several states also were on hand. The annual business session at attended tended attended by delegates was high highlighted lighted highlighted by an address in which President J.

Hillis Miller told alumni that if the budget recom recommended mended recommended bv the state budget com commission mission commission ,, prevails, this institution cannot fulfill the de demands mands demands made on it by the people of this state. The meeting also featured a close race for the post of presi president dent president with Lamar Sana. Jackson Jacksonville ville Jacksonville attorney, winning the posi position tion position in a battle with Bob Bishop, Orlando.

Judge John A. Mur Murphree, phree, Murphree, Gainesville, was re-elected treasurer. Clyde O. Anderson, St. The lines which shorted and burned are located in front of the Engineering Bldg. Billy Matthews, dfrect dfrector or dfrector of alumni affairs, was renamed executive secretary. Sarra was graduated in after serving as captain of the Ga Gator tor Gator football team in , He was head football coach at Plant High School, Tampa, from to After practicing law in Tampa until Urging alumni and statewide support of the Universitys re requested quested requested budget.

Miller predicted an enrollment of 8, students for the school year beginning next September. He said he based this prediction on the results of recent confer conferences ences conferences with many governmental and educational officials, and that on the basis of current national trends.

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It would seem thatthe University enrollment for next September will reach He added that all current indi indications cations indications pointed to the fact that the military training bill will not receive Congressional action and be signed bv President Truman in time to affect male freshman en en en rollment. P-8 Well Er By Steve Weller A few people, undoubtedly low lowbrows brows lowbrows and mental midgets, have misinterpreted this literary trea treasure sure treasure chest and have accused me, me of all people, of being a mal malcontent content malcontent and even worse, a distorter of facts.

They claim that a person must have a naturally vile and disagree disagreeable able disagreeable disposition to make the start startling ling startling revelations that I have in the last month or so. Being an ex extremely tremely extremely pleasant and benevolent individual I resent this.

Its just the reformer in me. Ive been a. Get it? Paper bands, crusader. No Good?

Its just that some people take me too seriously now and then. Omar has other material. When I say that their sacred cheerleader is enshrined in the Hurricane Hall of Fame right next to the graduate who got a job 1 dont really mean that only one Miami U. I realize that book-making , is tio snap. When I say that those odd crea creatures tures creatures we see buzzing over Gaines Gainesville ville Gainesville every June are not flying saucers wearing lavendar drawers but merely snowbirds from the U of M winging their way north north! Dont forget the chartreuse ones.

Rand Lindsly's HUGE Quotations File

When I say that these snowbirds spend their holidays fixing baseball games and otherwise entertaining themselves until September when they return to the Souths Largest Poker Club T dont mean that they spend all their time playing poker. So you see that in order to get a proper perspective one must read between the lines or one will mis mistake take mistake my lilly white intentions.

At the other extreme are those who have accused me of going soft, turning chicken, etc. In West Florida ; someplace, oh you know what I mean, that school for women, the j one with thetee hee football team. This Ls of course a base and unfounded prevarication. Nor have I forgotten that such a place exists.

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Only a few days ago I read of the expfolts of a track team! Judging from! It doesnt seem logical that j i Duke could have beaten an all allmale male allmale team that bad to be t precise. And their yard dash man was j such a show-off, winning by ten , yards with a coke in either hand. The FSU shot-putter was dis dis! The mile run would have been closer too.

The high jumper got mad and took his sawdust home when they made him discard his pogo stick. All the Seminole pole vaulter need needed ed needed was a littel more confidence, that parachute kept knocking the. Flavet Co-Eds Spotlight Born to be leader could serve j as the slogan to describe this j weeks outstanding co-ed, as the j spotlight turns to Greta Andron.

Ever since her arrival to this campus in Greta has been active in extra-curricular actvities including being the first woman president of Florida Players, first j president. Not only under the spotlight, but also behind the footlights is where most students will remem remember ber remember Greta in her many perfor performances mances performances in P.